New York Car Insurance

When going about buying a New York car insurance policy, you need to be smart about it. Since the laws on what the acceptable minimum for vehicle coverage is can differ greatly with each state, you should know as much about New York’s insurance laws as possible. First and foremost, you will want to be aware that this state has a no-fault policy, meaning that insurance companies will pay for vehicle damages or medical bills with reason, no matter who is at fault. There are certain exceptions to this rule however, and you will want to know what they are.

The no-fault insurance policy New York has does not apply if you are either intoxicated or found to be under the influence of a drug that impairs your abilities and caused the accident to occur. No-fault insurance also does not apply if you are found to be driving a vehicle that is stolen or injured while in the process of committing a felony.

New York places certain restrictions on what you must have for minimum coverage in your auto insurance to drive a vehicle, and that includes a plan with $25,000 for bodily injury liability. Your policy must also include a $10,000 limit for property damage and $25,000 for uninsured motorist bodily injury. There is also a $50,000 limit places on each accident with this type of coverage, though it is always recommended to get more than what is required by your state.

If you feel like the minimum isn’t enough for the car you drive or where you live, then by all means seek out a better quality policy. In your search you will always need to keep in mind that there are multiple options, so you must consider all of them equally. The auto insurance carriers which provide this sort of protection offer different rates as well, so take the time to do some comparing before reaching a final conclusion as to who you want to go with.

Working with an insurance agent can help you in deciding which type of coverage you need and how much to pay. Although many companies that you can find online can do this for you, it’s always helpful to have an objective person assisting you in this process. To get the best coverage and a reasonable premium, you need to always be on the lookout for offers that may apply to you, depending what they are. Remembering these kind of things will help you in staying sharp and getting an excellent deal on auto insurance. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out these companies’ consumer ratings just to make sure they are the best. When it comes to getting a New York car insurance policy for you and your vehicle, you really cannot be too careful.